That moment, when I felt I had won. I fell. Again. I thought I was strong, a master of my emotions. Control my thoughts and put off the tap. But suddenly, like a flying cork from a gassed drink. I slipped and fell, again. And so the condemnation flowed, The snake hissed in ecstasy, As … More SATAN, GET LOST!


Dear Abba, I read in a devotional two weeks ago, that one of the most invaluable person needed for the balanced growth of a girl-child, is the presence of a doting father. And that just struck me, because just last night we – you and I, had a heart to heart. I remember how it … More A LETTER TO ABBA


A splendid welcome to you guys.. This is a new experience for me. but, somehow I am sure of a happy growing. It is said that,it is only couples who built their wealth together, truly know what it means to be a team. on this Blog, we all, you and I are going to be … More WELCOME.